Honoring my Brother, Demitri

Before sunrise on Oct. 11, my life was forced to a standstill when my mom called me in a panic to tell me that my little brother, 19-year-old Demitri Crockett, had been shot and killed by a still-unidentified assailant the evening before.

The last thing that I said before he (went home) was, “If you get scared, just walk up the hill and knock on my door and I’ll protect you.”

Colorado Springs Storm Drain Art Project

It was wonderful working with the city of Colorado Springs for the new Storm Drain Art Project in collaboration with the Brewshed Alliance in celebration of Arts Month!

We had a blast installing these public art pieces in this city I so love! I was honored to be chosen by the city to help raise awareness to the importance of keeping our precious waters clean for sustaining all our diverse lifeforms great and small!

Shoutout Colorado Interview

I had the good fortune of connecting with SHOUTOUT COLORADO to discuss what role has risk played in my life, my work, and where I would take a good friend who was visiting Colorado Springs for the first time. It was a fun chat!

VoyageDenver Interview

I was extremely honored to be featured in the magazine, VoyageDenver, in a segment called Hidden Gems!

I discussed my first year as a full-time artist and my love of animals. The magazine suggested we shoot the photos somewhere that inspired me and I was immediately reminded of photos my mother had taken of me when I was 11 wearing a ball gown, posing in the barnyard with our goats and chickens. Heidi Elzas, a talented photographer and dear friend of mine, decided to recreate it with help from a few of my feathered and furry friends.

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