”All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

— Picasso


Throughout my childhood, I was extremely blessed to have passionate and inspired art teachers and mentors, and a family who supported my dream of pursuing the arts.

I come from a long line of educators who are devoted to instilling the love of lifelong learning and seeing the world through curious eyes. I've had the privilege of carrying on the tradition by working as a preschool teacher, art therapist, and traveling art instructor for children in the foster care system.

Nothing gives me more joy than working with children and witnessing the spark of creativity as they explore a new medium!

I believe creative self-expression is an invaluable skill that enhances life no matter what career path one eventually chooses.

From problem-solving and spatial understanding to anatomy and historical literacy, cultivating our inner artist can only deepen and enrich our appreciation of the world around us.

Children will begin by choosing a medium of interest. I offer drawing, painting, sculpture, and am happy to explore a wide range of styles and subject matters including figurative, landscapes, and abstracts.

From there, we will determine the length of a project — be it a single class or a weekly concentration. These private classes will help build your child’s confidence as they learn introductory, intermediate and advanced skills in the medium of their choosing.

Art classes are $30 an hour and may be subject to a supply list or material fee, dependent on the specific needs of the class.

I firmly believe that play is essential for a well-rounded person of any age — so let’s get our hands dirty and create!

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