Honoring Charles Rockey

I am ecstatic to be creating a 24-foot puppet! My colossal project weaves together elements of nearby Manitou Springs’ rich artistic culture, by portraying one of my biggest artistic role models, the beloved, recently departed, local legend, Charles Rockey. I remember peering into the windows of his art studio as a young girl, completely spellbound, fascinated by his ingenuity and creative vision and knowing that when I grew up, I wanted to be a maker like him.

This puppet measures about 24 feet tall,( although he is forced to sit due to pesky traffic lights) and has been a huge undertaking. I have constructed him the last month and a half using paper mache, sculpting compound, plaster, paint, wigs, horse hair, glue, wood, wire, screws, bolts dowels, fabric and much more. I have devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars towards this massive work. I see this project as a love letter to the community that has raised me.

The puppet will debut at the 31st Annual Manitou Springs Carnivale Parade.

An Emblem of Ukraine

We have watched in terror and heartache these last few weeks as Putin wages his needless war on Ukraine and its people.

We have heard harrowing stories of unspeakable bravery and witnessed, once again, the tremendous resilience of the human spirit as Ukrainians rise up in solidarity even while faced with immeasurable hardship.

In these moments of crisis and uncertainty, it is easy to feel a sense of deep helplessness and turn away — not realizing the power we hold when we use our powers as a collective. It was in that spirit that I felt called upon in my own small way to lend a hand. I painted an emblem of Ukraine, a harbinger of spring and good fortune, an unassuming little bird with a beautiful song to sing, the Nightingale.

I will be auctioning off the original painting starting at $250, in incriminates of $25. Matted prints will be available for $50. 100% of the profits will go to UNICEF as they continue to give humanitarian aid to refugees and victims of this horrible conflict.

The original painting is 11" x 14", oil-on-board, framed. Please contact me if you'd like to place a bid or purchase a print!

Original will be auctioned off, starting at $250. Prints are $50.
"George Floyd", 12x12, Gouache on Illustration Board, (Original sold prints still available, all profits have been and will continue to be donated to the National Action Network).jpeg

George Floyd

A message from Sofi:

I am filled with deep heartache and rage over the death of George Floyd and the systemic racism and brutality that people of color endure at the hands of those who have sworn to protect them. I painted this portrait in remembrance of him.

100% of the profits from the original artwork and prints sold will go to the National Action Network to help fight for justice and equal opportunities for all people.

National Action Network has helped lead the fight against police misconduct and other injustices by ensuring that those whose rights are violated are brought to justice. Let's stand together to fight injustice!

Original is SOLD. Prints are $35.

"We should live each day striving to bring art and beauty into this world."


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sofia hernandez crade

About the Artist

Sofi attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, where she obtained a degree in Fine Art. She received several awards for her work, including Best Thesis for her sculpture installation. She also had the privilege of working as an advocate, teaching Art Therapy to survivors of sexual assault for three years. 

When asked what medium is her favorite, Sofi often responds, "Whatever I have in my hands at the moment!” She truly believes that art should be lived.

Sofia is honored to be represented by:

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